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Sheet music on demand!

Professionally produced music transcriptions and arrangements for amateurs and pros alike! Take your music to the next level with custom made sheet music!

Greg Paul Stone has made sheet music and musical arrangements for many and varied clients ranging from songwriters and bandleaders and producers to small amateur groups to school concert bands to professional working bands.

Click image for free sample score

Click image for free sample score

Aside from vast libraries of teaching resources Greg has written or transcribed hundreds of pieces ranging from solo instrument transcriptions and lead sheets to full concert band, big band and salsa arrangements.

With a transcription history ranging in style from traditional music to classical, jazz, latin and modern pop, Greg's vast experience helps to get work done quickly and within budget.

Previous clients are music book authors, PhD students, songwriters, band leaders, producers and singers who need custom sheet music for publication, performance, commercial sale and private study.

Send Greg an mp3 or youtube link for an estimate and approximate timeline for completion.

Are you a bandleader?

Using a pick up band is so easy when you have your own professionally made sheet music to give out to players. Available in the key and instrumentation of your choice.

It might be a basic lead sheet with chords, melody and lyrics for pop, rock and jazz or just the horn section for a soul, salsa or jazz combo. It can all be done, even up to full band arrangements with all parts written out.

Help for singers!

Singers need sheet music in the key that fits their vocal range. Transposition (changing the key) of existing music is often cheap and quick. Particularly for rhythm section charts with no melody.

Contact Greg to get an estimate on your transposition project.

Songwriters! Work like a pro at rehearsal with the band. Professional grade lead sheets make your work simpler and your rehearsal time more productive. They're just like The Real Book!

Chord diagrams can be added along with sample bass and drum grooves, guitar tab and brass fingerings to make things really simple for your band.

It's cheaper than you might think. Many lead sheets cost only $30-$60 for a simple transcription of the song.

Many songwriters also conduct workshops and what better way to be prepared than with your own custom made resources. Have your workshop examples professionally made and wow your workshop participants with your creativeness and professionalism.

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Custom Sheet Music

Custom Sheet Music

Click to see a sample lead sheet

Click to see a sample lead sheet



Ian Tamblyn
Award Winning Canadian Folk Artist

Greg was the transcriber and music consultant for Ian Tamblyn's Songbook - Voice in the Wilderness. Released in 2011.

"I recently worked with Greg Stone transcribing a collection of my songs for a songbook to be titled, Voice in the Wilderness. This book will be published in March 2011.

Working with Greg was a wonderful and easy going experience. He was able to put names to shapes and curious chords, as well as negotiate capo positions and odd tunings that I had played for years but never described or labeled - all handled with expertise and aplomb."

Bob Ardern
Nova Scotia Folk Artist

"It was a pleasure to work with Greg Stone on creating a transcription for my guitar piece, Waiting For McAfee. He provided both tab and notation formats as well as a MIDI file to listen to during the draft phase, making it easy for me to read the transcriptions and correct minor errors in the drafts.

Greg provided an estimate and budget for the work and he completed the project in a timely fashion with no surprises. We have already begun the process for another guitar piece and I would have no hesitation in recommending Greg for his transcription services."


Jairo Antúnez
Songwriter/Band Leader

"I had needed to organize my music and my session players for some time now. It is essential for an artist that composes his/her music to have transcripts of their work to organize a band and to keep track of all of the inspiration scribbled on a note pad.

Greg Stone has done magnificent work transcribing my music and to top it off in a language that he is not fluent in! Anyone in need of his service will not be disillusioned.

Greg delivers his work in a timely fashion and his rates are affordable and fair. I recommend Greg Stone for your musical needs."

Jairo Antúnez, Contemporary Spanish Christian singer/songwriter

Metairie, LA


Anthony Parisella
Songwriter/Band Leader

"I have been working with Greg for a number of years during which time he has been musical director for 'Anthony's Wise Guys' and lead guitar player in the band.

Even now living in a different country, Greg has responded to my many requests for transcribing songs in a timely and professional manner.

His music theory knowledge is outstanding and the quality of his charts is exceptional."


Rachelle Behrens

"It was a pleasure working with Greg on my lead sheets. he's thorough, prompt and well priced. I will be using his services again in the near future."

Randy Burrill
Private Commission

"Will be in touch if I need more transcriptions. I’m very pleased with your professionalism and promptness!"

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